The Luminous self

    The Luminous self, 2020

    Graphite, pencil crayon and eraser on Mylar and Bristol paper

    60.8 x 48 cm (24 x 19”)

    As humans, we often impede our experiences by “reading” other people in a cursory way. One assesses another person on the basis of limited mis/information, and evaluates that person in pared down terms, an idea evoked by a linear frame that encompases simple geometric forms, the triangle, circle, and square that are stacked as a simple body and form the underdrawing in this work. When afforded an opportunity, or if given more literally a safe space to explore the fullest expression of oneself, that same person can come to be understood as much more than s/he seemed. This work communicates the complexity of layers of selves through a set of wooden Russian dolls that are known by various names including matroyshka (little mother) and babushkas (the dolls of Babushka, an older woman). On the surface each of the five “nesting dolls” shares similar features but their playful forms and distinct physiognomies suggest there is much more within.