Shifting the Cone of Vision

    Shifting the Cone of Vision, 2019-20.

    Mixed media bookwork (pencil crayon, graffito/sgraffito, collage, ink jet photograph, ph neutral adhesive, ink wash, copy of Mary Jo Leddy’s Radical Gratitude)

    22.7 x 29 x 15 cm

    I responded to the “found” book both analytically and intuitively. I selected text that I found particularly meaningful and inset collaged photographs of myself in yoga asanas (poses) to engage with perspective psychophysiologically, through the interaction of body and mind. I posit an embodied cone of vision as a means of altering both one own mindset and interrogating patriarchal constructions of perspective’s history within the History of Art. I rebound the book with a photograph of a collage I created from all of the asanas I included inside.

    Some of my marks on the pages are informed by sgraffito, a technique used in Renaissance architecture and ceramics that has an earlier archaeological heritage as graffito. I scratched, erased and brushed ink debris, marking even words that remain present. Pages become palimpsests as some earlier text remains visible and my interventions suggest new visual narratives.

    Photographs of asanas by Ken Cruikshank.

    shifting the cone of vision