Cone of Vision

    Cone of Vision, 2019.

    Conte, pen and ink, oil pastel, string and pins on vellum and Strathmore paper,

    65 x 50 cm, 60 cm depth

    One of my favorite places as a child was at the bottom of the basement stairs, a site for imaginative play that informs who and how I am today. I use subtle mark-making to articulate an activated but ethereal adult body, there and not there. I extend one-point perspective’s cone of vision into the viewer’s domain with string and enantiomorphic perspective. The length of the strings equals the distance between my fingertips with arms outstretched. With this work, I aim to concretize subjectivity, connections of past and present, and relationships between intangible spaces occupied by memories of the past and actual physical space today.

    cone of vision