My Shraddha

    My Shraddha, 2020

    Video, 3 minutes

    This piece explores the Sanskrit word shraddha, which can be understood in English as: that which is placed deep within us, our values, that which impacts and informs our responses, likely without us even knowing it is there. The work concretizes shraddha first through visual mark-making in the form of fifteen 9 x 12” graphite drawings that range from 6H to 7B and that reconsider traditional “values exercises” in a drawing practice by moving from very light pressure on the paper in the upper left-hand corner to the heaviest pressure possible in the bottom right-hand corner. Those drawings alternate with photographs of fifteen asanas, postures that are part of the daily yoga practice that helps to keep me connected with my shraddha.


    Photographs of asanas by Amy McIntosh.