Intertwine, 2018

    Performance (24 minutes)

    For this piece, I knitted, seated on meditation cushions in front of 24 plants, a half dozen different varieties of aloe vera. I presented this work in the vicinity of the London Plane tree in the Arts Quad on the campus at McMaster University, after inviting select staff and faculty to attend the performance at 12:30 on September 6th. I let each of them know that one of the plants was for them to choose and take away.

    This work addressed a range of concerns including: human relationships, interpersonal connections, caring, healing, strength and growth. Some observers interpreted the piece within an environmentalist framework, and others regarded me as a “mother earth” type figure. As I had hoped, some of the plants were picked up by random passers-by who were curious, while others were selected by some of the people who received invitations. Two people left objects in exchange for the plants they took.

    Video production by Amy McIntosh.